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It seems strange to think you would smoke or vape a CBD strain called Cheese, considering that strains are typically named after their taste and smell. True to name, however, Cheese does have an aroma and taste uniquely reminiscent of a plate of cheese. You’ll find that this one-of-a-kind strain is incredibly enjoyable to smoke, despite its pungent cheesiness.

Our cheese strain is grown outdoors, where the CBD flower buds enjoy sunlight and fresh air for the optimal growth of large, thick buds. Cheese is a hybrid strain that comes from a cross of Skunk and Afghani landrace. The result is increased trichome production on the buds, and apparently a cheesy flavor. The aroma of hemp CBD cheese is almost fruity, but also nutty, earthy and almost smoky. The complexity of its fragrance is matched only by that of its taste, which brings to mind rich cheese and smoked nuts.

Cheese CBD marijuana is distinctly indica, which you can tell just by the look of it. Its coloring is an earthy green and the buds are densely packed. Like all our CBD strains, the THC content of our Cheese strain is less than 0.2%. With a CBD content of <6%, and as a rich source of various cannabinoids and terpenes, Cheese has an intensely medicinal quality you can enjoy 100% legally and without encountering the side effects of THC.

Our mission is to grow select CBD strains using top-grade genetics, cultivation and harvesting practices. We want to deliver only the best quality products at the most affordable rates, and keep you stocked up on your favorite strains. That’s why we deliver quantities as high as 50 kg, at the most competitive prices. We deliver our CBD worldwide, and we handle customs and import taxes so that you don’t have to.

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