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Our Mango Kush strain is a high CBD low THC legal bud that gets its name from its aroma and taste. The fresh mango smell will transport you to a tropical paradise, and the flavor is just as sweet. Mango Kush is a cross of mango and Hindu Kush, giving it a distinctive kush flavor and mostly indica genetics. When smoked or vaped, Mango Kush gives you a fruity mango and banana taste, with earthy and pine undertones. Grown in our greenhouses, CBD Mango Kush harnesses the power of the sun while staying protected from environmental contaminants in a controlled climate that ensures quality. By benefiting from the best greenhouse cultivation practices, our Mango Kush CBD flowers feature densely-packed bright green buds coated heavily in powdery resin and orange pistils.

With a CBD concentration level of <6% and THC levels under 0.2%, our Mango Kush is a go-to legal cannabis strain. It’s one of the best CBD strains that lets you benefit from the medicinal value of indica without the side effects of THC. Our quality-assured cultivation process begins with our selection of high-grade genetics. We then feed our plants the right nutrients and use technology to control any environmental variables that could degrade product quality. The result is a top-shelf product that has the therapeutic CBD content you’re looking for, along with a strong fragrance and taste you can enjoy smoking.

All of our CBD flowers for sale are EU-certified, and we include the certificate of analysis with your order to comply with European regulations. We aim to keep you well-stocked at the best price. You can order our Mango Kush in quantities ranging from 1g to 50 kg, depending on your needs. We process your order quickly and deliver anywhere in the world. We clear customs, pay import taxes and insure shipment delivery, so that your order is guaranteed hassle-free.

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