Strawberry Diesel

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Strawberry Diesel is one of our high CBD low THC strains, grown exclusively indoors in a perfectly controlled climate. With every detail from carbon dioxide to humidity in our control, we tweak the habitat to maximize the health and caliber of our Strawberry Diesel strain. Upon toking this dank CBD strain, you’ll first be hit with strong notes of diesel, followed by soothingly sweet strawberry flavors. It has a fuel smell characteristic of any diesel strain, but you also can’t miss its distinct strawberry aroma. It’s incredibly smooth to smoke, delivering fruity aftertastes that linger after the initial diesel flavor.

A breed of NYC Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough, it’s a predominantly sativa strain, which you can enjoy without the side effects of THC. Our Strawberry Diesel has a <6% CBD content, with THC concentration levels of less than 0.2%. With parent strains that seem like an unlikely match, the resulting sativa-dominant hybrid Strawberry Diesel CBD strain is jam-packed with cannabidiols that make it a strong and highly medicinal bud to enjoy.

Given the variety of dank legal buds for sale, choosing our products will ensure you get top-grade CBD flowers for the best price, and with hassle-free delivery. We take our quality-control measures seriously to make we retain our sure you come back for more. In the meantime, we keep you well-stocked, with deliveries of up to 50 kg per order. The result is better quality and higher quantity, all at a competitively low price you won’t find elsewhere. Our CBD products are EU certified to respect European regulations, and the certificate of analysis is included with your order.

Try our Strawberry Diesel by ordering as little as 1g. We process your order quickly and deliver to you hassle-free anywhere in the world. We handle customs clearance, import taxes and shipment insurance, so that all you need to do is receive your package at your door.

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