When you’re applying for jobs, pre-employment drug screening is something you typically can’t avoid. Whether you’re smoking CBD hemp flowers or enjoying CBD edibles, you may be wondering: will CBD show up on a drug test? In this post, we’ll answer the question, look at some scientific research and give you the best rules of thumb to put your CBD drug test worries to rest.

Does CBD Show up in a Drug Test?

The short answer is no. Drug tests don’t test for CBD, so it won’t show up on your results. But can you fail a drug test due to CBD products? Possibly.

Before you put down your CBD blunt…

That’s because drug panel tests do test for THC (the psychoactive component in marijuana), and many CBD products contain THC in varying amounts. While the THC content may be within legal limits (less than 0.3%), consuming high amounts of a CBD product could potentially cause you to test positive for THC. The good news is, this occurrence is fairly rare. Nonetheless, there are some factors to keep in mind when you need to pass a drug test.

CBD and Drug Tests

Whether or not THC shows up on your drug panel test when taking CBD products depends on:

  • Whether the drug test is urine or hair follicle test
  • Whether you’re applying CBD to your hair or taking it internally
  • The purity level of the CBD you’re consuming

Urine drug tests detect THC within 30 to 45 days of it entering your bloodstream. Hair follicle tests detect THC consumption from the past 90 days. If you’re smoking hemp flower on the regular, that gives you a lot of time for the THC to build up in your system. However, if you know your CBD buds are legal and contain less than 0.3% THC, it’s unlikely to be enough to show up on a drug test, especially if it’s a urine test. Since more THC can potentially build up in your hair follicles, it could be a little harder to pass if you’re a daily heavy CBD consumer.

If you’re frequently applying CBD hemp oil to your hair, however, you need to be more careful. A 2019 study looked at the detection of THC in hair follicle tests after participants used cosmetic hemp CBD oil in their hair. After 6 weeks of daily application, the results showed that 33% of participants tested positive for THC, despite using CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC concentration. To be safe, find a CBD hair product with zero THC levels.

CBD Oil Drug Test: How to Avoid Failing

To pass your drug test, your goal is to intake as little THC as possible. Opt for CBD buds that are American-grown and third-party tested for purity.

Use Hemp-Only CBD

If you live in Colorado, California, Massachusetts or another state that has legalized marijuana, you may have access to CBD products that contain more than 0.3% THC concentration. Even if marijuana is legal in your state, employers still want to see you can pass a drug test. As a rule of thumb, ensure any CBD products you consume come from hemp plants and not marijuana plants. Both are from the cannabis family and contain CBD, but CBD oil extracted from marijuana is bound to end up with a good dose of THC in the mix.

According to the Farm Bill passed by Congress in 2018, hemp is 100% legal in all 50 states. Therefore, if you buy CBD products that are hemp-derived, you’re in the clear. That’s because a cannabis plant must contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered hemp plant. Consuming hemp-derived CBD in any of its numerous forms will keep your drug test results negative because the THC content is insignificant.

Research the Manufacturer

Sometimes, manufacturers of low-quality CBD products claim their products are THC-free or within legal bounds, but it’s not always the case. According to a study, nearly 70 percent of CBD products sold online are mislabeled. CBD products are not strictly regulated by the FDA, so it does happen when manufacturers want to use low-quality oil extracted from marijuana.

Do your research on a manufacturer before buying their product. Find out where they get their hemp to make their products. If their supplier is an American industrial hemp farm registered with the US Department of Agriculture, you can bet the hemp has been USDA-certified to contain less than 0.3% THC. Opt for manufacturers that operate in states where marijuana is illegal. This will reduce the likelihood of THC cross-contamination in their products because they won’t be working with high-THC plants in their manufacturing process.


If you’re taking CBD products, you’re not guaranteed to pass a drug test. While it’s impossible to test positive from CBD oil that has a THC concentration under 0.3%, CBD oil purity standards are not well regulated. To ensure you’re not testing positive using CBD, buy only purity-guaranteed CBD products that are tested to be legal in all 50 states.


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