Tasty Puff E-Juice

Tasty Puff E-Juice

10ML Dropper Bottles - 16 Flavors to choose from
Tasty Puff Nicotine E-Juice can be used in all standard vaporizer pens, refillable E-Cigarettes, and refillable E-Hookahs. It is also great for flavoring tobacco or other smoking herbs. Tasty Puff comes in a 10ML dropper for easy application to herb or easy refill for your vape pen, e-cig or e-hookah.

Optional Nicotine content: 0 mg, 10mg, or 21mg nicotine per bottle. 10ML Bottle.
Made from 100% Natural Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine Extracted From Quality Tobacco Leaf.

16 Different flavors of tasty e-juice vaporizing and smoking liquid oil.
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