NEW! Smoke Clear Transparent Rolling Papers


Legal is your SOURCE for the Best Clear Rolling Papers on the Planet!

Clear Rolling papers are the hottest new smoking product on the market.  See what you are smoking with these awesome smoke clear transparent papers. Made from 100% organic biodegradeable plant material.  They areTASTELESS and SLOW BURNING!

These transparent cigarette papers are not plastic.
They are 100% Natural - Biodegradable Natural Cellulose, Vegetal Based - Odorless - Tasteless - Slow burning and Chemical free!

Available in 2 sizes, King Size and Mini.
Buy them by the box or per pack.
Smokeclear King Size are 40 sheets per pack - 40 Packs PER BOX


King Size Smoke Clear Papers Extra Slim - Slow Burning 3.5 x 11cm sheets


Mini Smoke Clear Papers Single Width - Slow Burning 3.5 x 7.7cm sheets


NEW! Smoke Clear Transparent Blunt Papers

Smoke Clear Blunts feature a new crush proof sliding pack. All natural, biodegradable, slow burning, no chemicals, no gum or glue, tasteless, odorless. 20 Sheets per pack.


Smoke Clear Blunt Wraps

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