Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate Smoke

Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate Smoke

Our newest solid smoke, Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate is made with the extracts and resins of our world famous Bluedream Kushs. This solid is not for lightweights! Very smooth, easy to smoke, very tasty with a hint of blueberry scent, and ULTRA POTENT, blueberry solid is by far one of the world's best legal alternative smokes, and quickly becoming another Legal Buds.com returning customer favorite. Only Available at the original Legal Buds.com! 100% legal ingredients: Extracts & Resins of Wild Dagga, Wild Hops, Leonurus Sibiricus herb

Herb Grinders are HIGHLY recommended to grind up all solid concentrated smokes



Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong, powerful, great tasting potent smoke!