Herbal Smokes Sampler Pack
Herbal Smokes Sampler Pack

Herbal Smokes Sampler Pack

Want the chance to try all the best alternative smoking blends around? Here you go... Contains: DreamsmokeIsland Smoke Blend , Mystical Spirit , Inner Vision , Wild Greens King Tut, a package of Black Death brand 1-1/4" rolling papers and a Traditional Wooden Pipe. Nice size samples of some of our famous smokes! Try them all. Now 1/4 Ounce of Each Blend!


Dreamsmoke – The smoking blend you’ve been dreaming about! One of the most potent wild dagga enhanced blends ever sold on this site! Dreamsmoke is fortified and infused with 25% crushed pure oaxacon Dried wild dagga. Wild dagga is a legal herb discovered thousands of years ago and used historically by native americans for extreme smoking pleasure. This is the best wild dagga blend our customers were able to find ANYWHERE! Our herbalists have paired 25% wild dagga and scotch broom topps and Valarian root for an extremely pleasurable smoking experience. Pure wild dagga and Scotch Broom Topps are among some of the incredible herbs that make up this Enhanced Smoke Blend! A customer favorite legal herbal smoking blend.

Island Smoke Blend ~ A great tasting and relaxing tropical island herbal smoke blend. One of our biggest sellers. A 100% legal combination of many powerful exotic herbs including skull cap, scotch broom topps, star of bethlahem, and much more. Longtime Customer Favorite Blend.

Mystical Spirit ~ 
Meditative Smoke. Stimulate Your State of Mind. Ingredients: artemesia vulgaris, passion vine, scotch broom tops, lavender, sage, spearmint. A Superb Smoke if you enjoy a Great tasting Blend. An extremely popular herbal smoking blend.

Inner Vision ~ Ingredients: artemesia vulgaris, tagetes, scotch broom tops, artemisia absinthium, sage, star of bethlehem, mentha. Rating: Good Relaxing Blend. One of our most popular legal herbs.

Wild Greens ~ Our customers simply can’t stop raving about this amazing new product!  Wild Greens comes 100% fresh, fluffy, and ready to smoke.  A customer favorite legal herbal smoking blend.

King Tut A exciting mix of fine herbs! This is one of our more potent mixtures, with a taste of real Egyptian herb. Very exotic and flavorful. Rating: Extremely Relaxing, Powerful, Smoke. Very smooth burning, with a unique exotic herb smell and tasteA powerful blend of exotic egyptian herbs, King Tut’s Blend has been a long time favorite for thousands of smokers worldwide.  From the pyramids of Egypt, we bring you this exciting synergic blend of some of the rarest herbs and botanicals known to man since the beginning of recorded time. An extremely popular herbal smoking blend!

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1/4 Ounce of Each Blend:, 1/2 Ounce of Each Blend:

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